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On Air Programs

Weekdays-Times are in Arizona Time

12:00am      News 

12:02am      Weather

12:30am      Sure Foundation - David Rosales

12:03am      Straight From the Heart - Joe Focht

1:00am        Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham

1:01am        Horizon Radio - Mike MacIntosh

1:30am        The Word Made Plain-Tony Clark

2:00am        66/40 - Chuck Missler 

2:30am        Come Drink the Water - Ben Garate

3:00am        According to Scripture - Damian Kyle

3:30am        Revive Our Hearts-Nancy Wolgemuth

4:00am        On the Level -Pancho Juarez

4:30am        Hope from the Word-Bill Luebkemann

5:00am        WashingtonWatch-Tony Perkins

5:01am        Study the Word -Thom Keller

5:30am        Step by Step-Jim Gallagher

6:00am        Wisdom for Women - Debbi Bryson

6:02am        Somebody Loves You - Raul Ries

6:30am        Jesus is Real-Daniel Fusco

7:00am        Real Radio - Jack Hibbs

7:30am        The Word for Today - Chuck Smith 

8:00am        News 

8:02am        Weather

8:03am        Searchlight - Jon Courson 

8:30am        A New Beginning - Greg Laurie 

9:00am        Hope for Today - David Hocking

9:30am        The Word Made Plain-Tony Clark

10:00am      Living in Christ - Bob Hoekstra

10:30am      Enduring Word - David Guzik  

11:00am      Sure Foundation - David Rosales

11:30am      Bridging the Gap-Lloyd Pulley

12:00pm      News

12:02pm      Weather

12:03pm      Revive Our Hearts-Nancy Wolgemuth

12:30pm      Grace Infusion - Mike Nimer

1:00pm        Daily Light - Anne Graham Lotz

1:01pm        66/40 - Chuck Missler 

1:30pm        Abounding Grace-Ed Taylor

2:00pm        According to Scripture - Damian Kyle 

2:30pm        The Word for Today - Chuck Smith 

3:00pm        Calvary Live-Summertime

3:00pm        Grace upon Grace - Mark Martin/Winter

3:30pm        WashingtonWatch-Tony Perkins/Winter

3:31pm        Light on the Hill - James Kaddis/Winter

4:00pm        Calvary Live!-Wintertime  

4:00pm        Grace upon Grace-Mark Martin/Summer

4:30pm        WashingtonWatch-Tony Perkins/Summer

4:31pm        Light on the Hill-James Kaddis/Summer     

5:02pm        A New Beginning - Greg Laurie

5:30pm        Searchlight - Jon Courson

6:00pm        News 

6:02pm        Weather

6:03pm        Horizon Radio - Mike MacIntosh 

6:30pm        Boldly Speaking - Ron Dozler 

7:00pm        Movieguide 

7:00pm        Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham

7:01pm        On the Level - Pancho Juarez

7:30pm        Straight From the Heart - Joe Focht

8:00pm        In Your Faith - Joe Domico

8:30pm        My Dwelling Place- Al Pittman

9:00pm        Back to Basics - Brian Brodersen

9:30pm        Balanced Word - Dave Rolph

10:00pm      News

10:02pm      Weather

10:03pm      Real Radio - Jack Hibbs

10:30pm      GodSword - Ken Graves

10:30pm      Christian Rock Music - Friday's

11:00pm      Light on the Hill - James Kaddis

11:30pm      Hope from the Word-Bill Luebkemann

11:30pm      Christian Rock Music-Friday's


12:00am    News

6:00am      Grace Infusion - Mike Nimer

12:02am      Weather

12:03am      Christian Rock Music

1:00am      Science, Scripture & Salvation-ICR

1:30am      Unshackled

3:00am      According to Scripture - Damian Kyle

3:30am      Jesus Style - Gayle Erwin

4:00am      Washington Watch - Tony Perkins

5:00am      Somebody Loves You - Raul Ries

6:00am      Wisdom for Women - Debbi Bryson

6:02am      Grace Infusion - Mike Nimer

6:30am      We Would See Jesus-Karen Pulley

7:00am      Understanding the Times-Jan Markell

8:00am      News

8:02am      Weather

8:03am      Lamplighter Theatre

8:30am      Rinse & Repeat- Carol Eskaros

9:00am      Science, Scripture & Salvation-ICR

10:00am    Thru the Bible - J Vernon McGee

11:00am    According to Scripture - Damian Kyle

11:30am    Light on the Hill-James Kaddis
12:00pm    News

12:02pm    Weather
12:03pm    The Word for Today - Chuck Smith 

12:30pm    Abounding Grace-Ed Taylor

1:00pm      Regenerate Radio - Brenen Beeler

1:30pm      Countdown 2 Eternity

2:00pm      Truth for Life - Alistair Begg

2:30pm      Voice of the Martyrs
3:00pm      Real Radio - Jack Hibbs

3:30pm      A New Beginning - Greg Laurie

4:00pm      Walk in Truth - Michael Lantz 

5:00pm      Dwelling Place - Al Pittman

5:30pm      The Word Made Plain-Tony Clark

6:00pm      News

6:02pm      Weather

6:03pm      Berean Call

6:30pm      Study the Word -Thom Keller

7:00pm      Pacific Justice Institute

7:30pm      Washington Watch - Tony Perkins

8:00pm      Lamplighter Theatre

8:30pm      Balanced Word-Dave Rolph

9:00pm      The Word for Today - Chuck Smith

9:30pm      Jesus Style - Gayle Erwin

10:00pm    News 

10:02pm    Weather

10:03pm    Unshackled

10:30pm    GodSword - Ken Graves

11:00pm    Bridging the Gap-Lloyd Pulley

11:30pm    Mission Compass- Galcom International 



12:00am    News

12:02am    Weather

12:03am    Real Radio - Jack Hibbs

12:30am    Countdown 2 Eternity

1:00am      Truth for Life - Alistair Begg

3:00am      Thru the Bible - J Vernon McGee

4:30am      Pacific Justice Institute-Brad Dacus

5:00am      Washington Watch - Tony Perkins

5:30am      Berean Call

6:00am      Hour of Hymns for Him

7:00am      Wisdom for Women - Debbi Bryson

7:30am      Somebody Loves You - Raul Ries

8:00am      News

8:02am      Weather

8:03am      The Word for Today - Chuck Smith 

9:00am      Study the Word -Thom Keller

9:30am      A New Beginning - Greg Laurie
10:00am    Jesus Style - Gayle Erwin

10:30am    Balanced Word-Dave Rolph
11:00am    Calvary Chapel of Kingman-pre-recorded

12:00pm    News

12:02pm    Weather

12:03pm    Dwelling Place - Al Pittman

12:30pm    Mission Compass- Galcom International 

1:00pm      Bridging the Gap-Lloyd Pulley

1:30pm      We Would See Jesus-Karen Pulley

2:00pm     Understanding the Times-Jan Markell     

3:00pm     Unshackled-Pacific Garden Mission

3:30pm      According to Scripture - Damian Kyle

4:00pm      Walk in Truth - Michael Lantz

4:30pm      GodSword - Ken Graves

5:02pm      Light on the Hill-James Kaddis

5:30pm      The Word Made Plain-Tony Clark

6:00pm      News

6:02pm      Weather

6:03pm      Boldly Speaking - Ron Dozler 

6:30pm      Abounding Grace-Ed Taylor

7:00pm      Bringing You Back-2 hours of Jesus Music 

9:00pm      Rinse & Repeat- Carol Eskaros 

10:00pm    News

10:02pm    Weather

10:03pm    Countdown 2 Eternity

11:00pm    Lamplighter Theatre

11:30pm    Science, Scripture & Salvation-ICR

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